Best answer: What genre is the play the lottery?

Is The Lottery non fiction?

“The Lottery” is a short story by Shirley Jackson; it was published in 1948 and caused a large amount of controversy. … Even though it is a fictional story, it can be related to factual historical events that have taken place throughout time.

What is The Lottery play about?

The play tells the story of a man in love with a girl. She claims she has won a lottery, however, making another man pursue her for the fortune and forcing her original suitor to pay off the other for her hand in marriage, though she does not win.

What is the genre and subgenre of The Lottery?

The Lottery

“The Lottery”
Language English
Genre(s) Short story, Dystopian
Publisher The New Yorker
Publication date June 26, 1948

What literary devices are used in The Lottery?

The literary devices Jackson uses to support the theme of ‘The Lottery’ are irony, foreshadowing, and pacing.

How Shirley Jackson wrote The Lottery?

And how was the story written? According to Jackson, speaking at a lecture, “I had the idea fairly clearly in my mind when I put my daughter in her playpen and the frozen vegetables in the refrigerator and, writing the story, I found that it went quickly and easily, moving from beginning to end without pause.

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Is The Lottery based on a true story?

It might seem strange that so many people thought the story was factual, but, as Franklin notes, “at the time The New Yorker did not designate its stories as fact or fiction, and the ‘casuals,’ or humorous essays, were generally understood as falling somewhere in between.”