How do I keep unmatched bets on Betfair?

How do I fix an unmatched bet?

How to fix an Unmatched Bet

  1. Click ‘cancel unmatched bets above’ – the grey box in the bottom left corner of the betslip (on Smarkets, this is the red cross).
  2. Go back to the calculator and re-enter the lay odds to display what they’re now showing on the exchange.
  3. Place your lay bet as normal with the new stake amount.

What does bet unmatched mean on Betfair?

An unmatched bet means that the price you wanted to bet at has gone and your lay wasn’t taken. A partially matched bet is when only some of your lay was taken before the lay price changed, leaving part of it matched and part of it unmatched.

What is in-play bet persistence?

On markets that will go in-running, you can now decide to make use of our Bet Persistence facility and ‘Keep’ the bet, even once the market turns in-play. … Note that during a football match for example, your bet will continue to ‘persist’ even after the market is suspended for a goal, penalty or a red card.

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What happens if bet is partially matched?

A partially matched bet is a bit different but has the elements of an unmatched bet. In this, as you can fairly guess, a portion of your lay bet is accepted on the exchange platform, and the rest is not validated.

How do I cancel an unmatched bet on Betfair?

If you just want to cancel one/some bets and not all: – click the little ‘x’ checkbox to the left of the bet in the betslip. Bet turns grey.

What does it mean if a bet is matched?

At its simplest, a matched bet involves placing a back bet using the free bet at a bookmaker while placing the opposing lay bet at a betting exchange. More advanced versions involve placing the bets on multiple bookmakers (dutching) to avoid the commission charged for using an exchange.

How do I see my matched bets on Betfair?

Swipe the player cards to the left, to view current matched and unmatched bets; In the menu of the app under ‘Account’ –> ‘Active Bets’.

Can I change my bet on Betfair?

No. Once Betfair has confirmed your bet placement, you will not be able to change the terms of that bet or cancel or withdraw from that bet under any circumstances. Acceptance of your bet by Betfair concludes the bet.

Can you cancel a matched bet?

Bets need to be matched in order to stand. Once a bet has been matched, it cannot be cancelled.

What does keep mean Betfair?

‘Keep’ bets option

For markets that are scheduled to be turned in-play at the ‘off‘, a customer can request that an unmatched Exchange bet should not be cancelled when the market is turned in-play.

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What is Betfair Starting Price?

The SP is an average of prices taken from across the betting industry. Meanwhile, ‘BSP’ stands for ‘Betfair Start Price’ and this simply refers to the price in which a horse, team or outcome is priced up at on the Betfair Exchange at the exact time that the event starts.

What is bet persistence?

There are two types of bet persistence: • Lapse – the unmatched bet will be cancelled if the market is suspended (when it goes live or when it’s suspended for any reason, like goals); • Keep – the bet will not be cancelled if the market is suspended, also known as keep in play.