How do you bet on 1xBet football?

How do I place a bet on 1XBet?

How to place a bet

  1. Select Sports or Live in the main menu.
  2. In the left column on the next page choose a sport and an event.
  3. You will see the odds and the markets in the central section. …
  4. If there are several different bets on the bet slip, select the type of bet: Accumulator, System or Chain.
  5. Enter stake amount.

What is W1 and W2 in 1XBet football?

For example, W1W2 means that Team 1 will win (W1) the first half, and Team 2 will win (W2) the match. … The Customer should predict which team will win, and the total number of goals.

How do 1xBet work?

The 1xbet betting exchange, literally “betting exchange”, allows players to exchange bets with each other without going through the bookmaker ( in cases like this the 1xbet online casino) which only offers the platform and takes a small commission on winnings.

What does 12 mean in 1XBet?

For example, players can see 12, 1X2, 1X, XX, or X2 listed in the betting options. 12 in this case indicates the home and away team in a match. 1 refers to the home team, and 2 refers to the away team.

Does 1XBet pay cut one?

Does 1XBet Pay Cut One? The Cut One feature is not available on the 1XBet app. However, you can make timely use of their cash out feature on the app which ensures you don’t lose all of your winnings in instances where a prediction on your accumulator is not going as planned.

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How do you always win in 1XBet?

How To Win 1XBet Games

  1. Never place a bet in a hurry. Carefully review a team’s overall performance in the last few games before placing your bet on them. …
  2. Choose fewer games and stake higher. This is one of the top tips for winning on 1xbet. …
  3. Cash out when it’s necessary.

How do I transfer money to 1xBet?

Option 2 – Zenith Bank Mobile Transfer (XPATH)

  1. Log into your Zenith Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking.
  2. Click on the ‘Menu’ Button.
  3. Select ‘Payment and Collection’
  4. Select the category ‘Gaming/Lottery’
  5. Select biller – 1xBet.
  6. Enter the amount you wish to pay.
  7. Enter your User ID. …
  8. Click ‘Continue’.

What is the maximum winning on 1xBet?

At the beginning of 2020, another resident of Almaty won almost 9 million tenge at 1xBet. However, the current 876 million is a new record, and this is the largest win in the history of betting in Kazakhstan and the CIS.