How do you polish dice with Zona paper?

What grit is Zona paper?

You want to use the 1500/2000 sand paper to get the most of the sprue off in an effort to preserve your Zona papers. Once you’re happy with how your 1500/2000 grit sanding has the sprue looking, your next step will be using those Zona papers. Step 2: Zona papers are magic.

What do you ink dice with?

Get an ultra-fine point permanent marker. This is what you will use to ink the dice. These ultra-fine point markers are available in a variety of colors, and sometimes you can even find them in metallic colors, which looks great on the dice. Use the marker to carefully ink the grooves of the numbers.

What grit is 60 micron?

Grit, Mesh, and Micron Conversion Chart

Grit (American Standard) Mesh Micron
325 40-50 45
285 50-60 55
240 60-80 70
225 80-100 90

What is the average particle size for 240 grit sandpaper in micrometers?

Micro Grits

Millimeters Microns ANSI Grit Size
0.0500 50.0 240
0.0395 39.5 280
0.0295 29.5 320
0.0230 23.0 360

What sandpaper do I use for resin?

Start sanding the resin with 120 grit sandpaper. Make sure to sand all the surfaces of the resin part before going up to the next grit paper. It’s much easier to notice a deep scratch once the resin is sanded smooth and begins to become polished.

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Can you use a rock tumbler to polish resin?

With a rotary tumbler, if you try to sand off mould marks, it can result in excessive sanding on other parts of the piece but if just polishing, it may be possible with a soft organic media such as nut shell or hardwood cubes charged with a suitable polish.

How do you get paint off resin dice?

Once they have soaked in there for a good while, you can try to remove the original paint with a toothpick and/or an old toothbrush. Shaking or swirling the container from time to time and gently heating up the LA Awesome can help speed up the process.