How good is Dice?

Is dice a good job board?

While working as a tech Recruiter, Dice was one of the first places I looked to find candidates. It’s an extremely popular technology & IT job board, and is where I’d recommend beginning.

Which is better dice or indeed?

If you prefer to reach a targeted technology audience, then Dice may the best hiring option for you. Although you may be swayed to use Indeed because of its larger audience, be sure to carefully consider each platform’s features to help you determine which platform is best for your needs.

How much does dice cost for recruiters?

What does it cost to post a job on Dice? Dice’s pricing starts at $395.00 per single job post, but the more jobs posted, the less it costs per post.

What is the best job site in India?

Top 10 Job Portals in India And What Makes Them Good

  • Naukri.
  • Monster India.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Shine.
  • TimesJobs.
  • Indeed.
  • Glassdoor.
  • Freshersworld.

What is the best site for IT jobs?

10 Best IT and Technology Job Search Websites

  • 1) LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the clear front runner for IT and technology jobs. …
  • 2) Indeed. Indeed’s method of posting jobs gives them the edge on total traffic volume. …
  • 3) Dice. …
  • 4) Monster. …
  • 5) CareerBuilder. …
  • 6) The Ladders. …
  • 7) StackOverflow. …
  • 8) GitHub.
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What’s the difference between Indeed and LinkedIn?

LinkedIn: An Overview. … These sites offer a variety of employment opportunities; however, LinkedIn and are very different. LinkedIn is built as an employment-related social network, while is a metasearch engine for job listings.

How much is dice per month?

Dice caters to technical and engineering professionals and reaches 1.5 million users per month. For a 30-day single job posting, you’ll pay $395. Beyond that, two job posts costs $325 each, three job posts costs $305 each, and five to ten job posts costs $250 each.

When did dice start?

Founded in 1990 by Lloyd Linn and Diane Rickert, two former contractors, had 175 employees by April 2001.

How do I post a job on Dice?

Log into Dice at On the top left of the page, click Jobs and select Post a Job.