Is the casino heist or Cayo Perico better?

Is Cayo Perico the best heist?

The Cayo Perico Heist is one of the most popular and worthwhile activities a player can do in GTA Online. It was released in late 2020, so naturally, it won’t feel antiquated in 2021. That said, there are some aspects of this heist that make it worthwhile in a way that most new content typically fails to achieve.

Is it better to do the Cayo Perico heist solo?

Whilst this means the task is even more difficult, it does also mean a potential bigger take as you won’t be splitting the money with your fellow thieves. Players who attempt to complete the GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist solo could net the maximum of $4,570,600 if they complete all optional side-objectives.

Is the Cayo Perico heist fun?

Obviously, “fun” is a subjective term, but the community at large does find the Cayo Perico Heist to be one of the most enjoyable heists in the game, so that’s still a valid reason for it to be considered one of the best heists in GTA Online as a whole.

Is Cayo heist worth more?

The diamond-studded Panther Statue is the highest-paying target in GTA Online’s Cayo Perico Heist, surpassing the Sinsimito Tequila, Ruby Necklace, Bearer Bonds, and even the Pink Diamond. The GTA Panther Statue is worth $1.73M in normal mode, and a whopping $1.9 Million in the hard mode.

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Is Cayo Perico solo hard?

Doing this heist solo isn’t an easy task, but it’s not quite as difficult as it looks if you know what you’re doing. And if you follow this guide, you’ll be able to finish this heist without anyone even knowing you were there.

Is the Cayo Perico heist worth it Reddit?

YES! Cayo Perico is actually fun to do, some interesting highlighst: learn the guards patterns, scoping uniforms, supply truck, grappling hook, the secondary objectives, entry and exit points. I’d say it’s the most interesting and fun heist to do, not just for the money but the for gameplay as well.

How long does it take to do Cayo again?

You have five minutes to do this, but it really shouldn’t take you more than 90 seconds if you’re concentrating. Steal the contents from the Safe (or Glass Case, depending on your Mission Target) and then head back to El Rubio’s office and down the stairs.

How long is Cayo Perico again?

Once the player spawns back into free mode they have 48 minutes (real time) from completion of the previous heist to trigger a new heist to activate Hard Mode. Note that exiting the game does not freeze the timer.

How many times a day can you do Cayo Perico?

Everybody can still move and do their usual routines, but time freezes this way based on the player’s approach to the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online. There are two times of days the player can choose for the mission.

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