Question: Are Fuzzy Dice illegal in Illinois?

Are Fuzzy Dice legal?

John Patterson, an officer with the California Highway Patrol’s office in Santa Ana, said all those trinkets have to come down. “The ‘fuzzy’ dice are not allowed, nor are religious beads,” Patterson said, “basically anything that obstructs the view out of the forward portion of the windshield.”

What weird things are illegal in Illinois?

Check out these 10 weird laws in Illinois that will make you do a double-take.

  • In Normal, it is illegal to make faces at dogs. …
  • It is illegal to give a pet a cigar. …
  • It’s illegal to eat in a burning building. …
  • In Chicago, it is illegal to take a French poodle to the opera.

Where are fuzzy dice illegal?

California. California prohibits the placement of anything on the windshield or side-mirrors of a car that obstruct the view of the driver, with certain exceptions.

What is the stupidest law in Illinois?

Here are some of the weirdest laws in Chicago and in Illinois. Wheelbarrows with “for sale” signs on them are not allowed to get chained to a tree in Des Plaines. … “No ice skating in summer!” say the Moline law books. It’s illegal to ice skate at Riverside Pond from June to August.

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Is driving barefoot illegal?

3. Is it illegal to drive in certain footwear? Just like driving barefoot no footwear is illegal to drive in, so long as it’s safe to do so. But flip flops or sandals are not recommended as they do not provide secure grip or control.

What things are illegal in Illinois?

10 Stupid Things That Are Illegal In Illinois

  • In Normal, IL it is illegal to make faces at dogs. …
  • It is illegal to give a pet a cigar. …
  • It is illegal to eat in a burning building. …
  • It’s illegal to take a poodle to the opera in Chicago. …
  • In Eureka, IL it is illegal for a man with a moustache to kiss a woman.

Is it illegal to pee in your neighbors mouth in Illinois?

1. In Champaign, you can’t pee in your neighbor’s mouth.

Is it illegal to fall asleep in a cheese shop in Illinois?

It shall be unlawful for any person to sleep, or to allow or permit any person to sleep in any work room of a bake shop, kitchen, dining room, confectionery, creamery, cheese factory, or any place where food is prepared for sale, served or sold, unless all foods therein handled are at all times in hermetically sealed …

Can I hang dice in my car?

Hanging anything from your review mirror can damage it

If you end up attaching something heavy – like those aforementioned fuzzy dice – your car’s rearview mirror could break off while you’re driving.

Are fuzzy dice illegal in Ohio?

If a chip in the windshield is larger than one inch in diameter, it can compromise the safety of your entire vehicle. … Besides windshield damage, other types of driver obstructions that can warrant a fine include: Fuzzy dice.

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