Question: How can I get 4D Jackpot?

How can I buy Magnum 4D?

Get Started!

  1. Go to any Magnum outlet.
  2. Write your 6-digit number. Minimum buy is RM2.
  3. Download the Magnum app and scan to check your results.

How do you win 4D Jackpot 2?

You will win Jackpot 2 if one 4D number in the number pair you bought matches either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Prizes, and the other number in the pair matches any Special Prize.

How do you win a 4D Magnum?

In these games, you win when your 4D number matches one of the winning numbers drawn. In mBox, you win when ANY permutation of your 4D number matches one of the winning numbers. The odds are a lot more in your favour, and the payouts differ according to the number of permutations.

Which day can buy 4D?

When can I place a 4D bet? Sales for each 4D draw closes at 6pm on draw day. You can place lottery bets online anytime, except from about 6 – 6.10pm on draw days and our settlement hours.

How can I see my 4D number online?

Placing 4D bets online

  1. At the lottery homepage, select 4D from the left navigation.
  2. Select your Bet Type from the dropdown list. …
  3. Select the draw days you are placing your bets for. …
  4. Enter the numbers you wish to place bets on, and enter your Big and/or Small stake. …
  5. Repeat steps to add boards of the same bet type.
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How much is Toto 4D Jackpot?

* Jackpot 1 is 55% of the Prize Pool plus upfront RM 2,000,000 and any snowballed amount brought forward from previous draws. The winning set of 4D numbers is entitled to the 1st prize only. RM100,000.

Prize Toto 4D Big Toto 4D Small
1st RM2,500 RM3,500
2nd RM1,000 RM2,000
3rd RM500 RM1000
10 Special RM180 each

What are the chances of winning 4D?

1.You’ve Got 1 in 14 Million Chances of Winning

In the game of 4D, Singaporeans place bets on any 4-digit number from 0000 to 9999, and only win money when there is a correct matching to the 4-digit number drawn.

How is Magnum 4D Jackpot calculated?

The Jackpot winnings will be calculated based on the buy amount and winning share of each winner, number of Jackpot winnings is based on only one M-System winner in that particular draw and particular system. You win when one or both of your 4D numbers matches one or more of the 23 winning numbers drawn.

What is the best 4D number?

​Top 100 Frequently Drawn 4D Numbers

​Browse through the top 100 frequently drawn 4D numbers since May 1986.

​Top 100 Frequently Drawn 4D Numbers.

Order 4D Number No. of Times
1 5807 25
2 6741 25
3 9395 25
4 4785 24