Quick Answer: What is the difference between a key bet and a wheel bet?

What is a key bet?

A ‘Key Box’ bet includes all possible combinations of selected ‘key’ horse(s) when combined with other ‘non-key’ horses in a box bet. … The term ‘key box’ means that you are keying a horse(s) with other selections in a box bet.

What is the difference between a key box and a wheel?

Keying Horses

A key bet is not really separate from a wheel bet. It’s just a different terminology used by some bettors to make it clearer what they’re doing. When you key a horse, it simply means that you are including it in every part of the exotic wager, with other horses kind of orbiting around it in the bet.

What is a wheel box bet?

This term is used when multiple horses are selected in wagers where the bettor is not sure of the order in which the horses will finish. … You can box these selections, which allows you to play the horses you like and not worry about the order in which they finish.

What is a trifecta key wheel bet?

Trifecta Wheel Betting Using One Horse as a Key

A Trifecta wheel allows you to play a horse in one position in combination with all the other horses in the field to finish in the remaining two positions.

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How much do Exactas pay?

Generally, racebooks and tracks pay out exactas at $2 increments. A $2 exacta box with 1 and 2 horses would cost you $4. If the race comes in either 1-2 or 2-1, you win. Any other combination would render the ticket worthless.

How do you play exactas?

For starters, an exacta can be a simple wager. If you like two horses equally, you can just box them in the exacta and collect so long as they finish 1-2 in any order. If you like one of them a little more, you can then bet more on the one you prefer, say $10 on a 1-2 exacta and $5 on 2-1.

What is the best bet to make in horse racing?

The win bet should be the key bet, especially for newcomers. Takeout (the amount of money that goes to the track that is not returned to bettors) for win, place, and show bets is less than most exotic bets. Most importantly, don’t bet two or more horses to win in the same race.

What does a $2 exacta box cost?

a $2 Exacta Key Box: 1/3,7,9,10 would cost $16 and is made up exacta box bets of 1 & 3; 1 & 7, 1 & 9 and 1 & 10.

What does BN mean in horse racing?

Boxed bet: Boxing a bet means to cover all possible combinations of finish for multiple horses. If you want to box an exacta, you would bet that Horse A wins and Horse B places, and also that Horse B wins and Horse A places.

What does a 4 horse trifecta box cost?

Trifecta Box Costs:

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$1 Trifecta Box with three horses $6 (6 possible combinations)
$1 Trifecta Box with four horses $24 (24 possible combinations)
$1 Trifecta Box with five horses $60 (60 possible combinations)
$1 Trifecta Box with six horses $120 (120 possible combinations)