What does R stand for in Black Jack?

What does D stand for in Black Jack?

What Does Double Down Mean in Blackjack? This is another excellent strategy question. On your original two cards, you can double your bet before the dealer gives you another card. You place another bet equal to the first. Then, the dealer will give you only one card The dealer settles all bets at the end of the hand.

What does P stand for in Black Jack?

Player places a Perfect Pairs side bet alongside their main game bet. Two cards are dealt to the player and the dealer. The Perfect Pairs side bet is settled. The main game of blackjack continues to its conclusion.

What is H17 blackjack?

If the dealer stays when they have a soft 17 (S17), you are going to treat a few hands differently than if the dealer will hit until they have a hard 17 or better (H17).

Can you split a 10 and a Jack in blackjack?

Rules for splitting hands

It is possible to Split twice within one hand. Say you are originally dealt a 10 and a Jack, and you choose to Split. You now have two hands in play (10 & J). If the next card you are dealt on your 10 is a Queen, you have the option to Split again.

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What is a stiff in blackjack?

NOTE: A “stiff” hand is defined as any HARD total of 12 through 16 made with the player’s first two cards. A stiff pair is a pair of 6’s, 7’s or 8’s on the initial blackjack deal. An unpaired stiff hand is any other initial two card total of HARD 12 through 16.

What does bust mean in blackjack scratch and win?

If this card takes your total points above 21, then it’s a “bust”, or loss.

Does blackjack beat 21?

A player Blackjack beats any dealer total other than a dealer’s Blackjack, including a dealer’s regular 21. Total of both dealer and player hands are the same. … If the dealer’s second card does not result in a Blackjack, then one-half of the player’s wager will be returned.