What happens to Kentucky Derby bets?

Will Kentucky Derby bets be refunded?

There will be no refunds, and no awards to anyone still holding a Mandaloun ticket. “All bets will stand as settled,” said John Ewing, data analyst for BetMGM. “The race result has already been determined official and paid. Disqualifications from positive drug tests will not change the results.”

What happens to the bets from the Kentucky Derby?

But for bettors, this year’s Derby is over and the rules are the same as they always were: If your horse is disqualified immediately after a race, you lose your bet. But if the disqualification comes a day, a week or four years later, you get to keep your winnings.

What happens to bets when a horse is disqualified?

The question is, what happens to your bet when a horse you’ve had a punt on gets disqualified? The short answer is that you lose your stake. … Some promise to payout on the winner of some or all races even if your horse gets disqualified after the end of the run.

Was the Kentucky Derby 2021 winner disqualified?

Later that day, Churchill Downs announced Medina Spirit would be disqualified as the Kentucky Derby winner if the horse’s positive drug test was confirmed. On June 2, Craig Robertson, Baffert’s lawyer, confirmed a second sample showed 25 picograms of betamethasone in a milliliter of Medina Spirit’s blood.

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Was Medina Spirit stripped of Kentucky Derby win?

Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit’s post-race failed drug test was confirmed by a laboratory at the University of California, Davis, the horse’s owner’s lawyer told The New York Times. Medina Spirit is now set to become the second winner in the Kentucky Derby’s history to be disqualified for a failed drug test.

Who really won the Kentucky Derby 2021?

Do you get your money back if horse withdrawn?

Answer: If a horse is withdrawn before the race start it is considered a non runner and the stake is returned. … However if the horse comes under starters orders and then refuses to race you lose your stake.