What is a percentile dice?

What does 00 mean on percentile dice?

D100 (percentile): the 00 = 100. If you roll the two and you get D10: 2 and the D100: 10 then that is a roll of 12.

Can you roll 0 on percentile dice?

The only dice that can ever roll a zero is the percentile itself (00). By common rules: The single digit percentile of the 2 d10 method is 0-9, but when the ten’s die is 00 with a 0 single digit, the exception is 100, not 0. This maintains 1-100 and not 0-99.

Whats a 100 on a d100?

The standard method for 2d10-as-1d100 is to designate ahead of time which die will serve as the tens digit and which die will serve as the ones digit, treating a roll of 00 as equal to 100.

Do people use d100?

A d100 die isn’t the most widely used in a D&D set when compared to the popular d4 or d6 dice. However, this oddly shaped die can be incredibly useful in certain campaigns and situations.

How do you use d10s?

You can also use this as a standard d10 just by using only the tens digit on each face. In any event, once you’ve decided which die is which digit, roll them both and combine them to get the result. If you’re rolling 2d10, then multiply the tens die’s result by 10 and then add them together.

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What happens if you roll a 0?

When you roll a d10 you see the total result and again, if you rolled a 0, that’s a 10.

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How do you read dice rolls?

The first die represents the tens digit, and the second die the ones digit. For example, a roll of 1 followed by a roll of 5 will give a total of 15, while a roll of 3 followed by a roll of 6 will give a total of 36. The average result of the D66 is 38.5, and the standard deviation about 17.16.

What is 00 on a d10?

The one with two digits is just telling you the tens digit, and the one with one digit is the ones digit. If you’re rolling only that die with 0, 10, 20, etc., then a 10 = a 1 and the 00 = a 10. 0 or 00 on a d10 just means the highest number.