What purpose does Old Man Warner’s character best serve in the story the lottery?

What purpose does Old Man Warner’s character best serve in the story the lottery by Shirley Jackson?

Old Man Warner, the oldest man in town, has participated in seventy-seven lotteries and is a staunch advocate for keeping things exactly the way they are. He dismisses the towns and young people who have stopped having lotteries as “crazy fools,” and he is threatened by the idea of change.

What is the function of Old Man Warner in this story he isn’t needed for the plot?

Therefore in this short story Old Man Warner plays the role of speaking up for tradition and how difficult it is to change tradition, even when it causes us to commit terrible crimes that we can often be blind to.

Who was Mr Summers?

A married, childless business owner, Mr. Summers is “jovial” and pitied by the townspeople for having a nagging wife. No one seems to question his leadership of the lottery, and it seems to have never been challenged. Perhaps he took on the role himself, or perhaps someone offered it to him.

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What purpose does Old Man Warner serve?

Old Man Warner serves as a sort of spokesman for the lottery. He has managed to avoid being chosen for stoning himself, so he is all in favor of this annual ritual. He voices the thinking that has kept the lottery going year after year for so many years.

What is the role of Old Man Warner in the story?

In “The Lottery,” Old Man Warner is the tradition keeper of the town. He has attended seventy-five Lotteries. He is the oldest man in the village and has taken it upon himself to be the guardian of the town’s traditions.

What does Old Man Warner most likely represent?

In “The Lottery” (1948), Old Man Warner symbolizes tradition and blind faith.

What is the role of Mr Summers in the lottery?


The man who conducts the lottery. Mr. Summers prepares the slips of paper that go into the black box and calls the names of the people who draw the papers. The childless owner of a coal company, he is one of the village leaders.

Why is Mr Summers important in the lottery?

Summers is the most important of all those who manage the lottery, which is held on June 27th, “a full-summer day.” He runs most of the things that the town does collectively, because he has “time and energy to devote to civic activities.” We see here a link between the name and the season it evokes, the summertime …

What does summer symbolize in the lottery?

Summers symbolize life, changing of seasons, fertility, a new life, but Mr. Summers is exactly the opposite; instead of a new life, he takes one away.

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