When rolling 3 dice and 3 coins The total number of outcomes is?

What are the outcomes for an experiment of tossing three coins for 3 times?

The possible outcomes will be HHH, TTT, HTT, THT, TTH, THH, HTH, HHT. So the total number of outcomes is 23 = 8.

How many outcomes are there when flipping a coin?

When you toss a coin there are two possible outcomes: ‘heads’ or ‘tails’. Each of these outcomes is equally likely, since there is 1 ‘head’ and 1 ‘tail’ on the coin. If a coin is tossed twice, what is the probability of ‘heads’ coming up both times?

When a coin is tossed there are 3 possible outcomes *?

2×2 up to (n) times which is equal to 2n so here there are 3 coins so, n = 3, so the possible number of outcomes are 23=8.

When a coin is tossed there are 3 possible outcomes True or false?

Answer: Yes there are 2 possibilities of outcomes when a coin is tossed either heads can come or tails can come.

When a coin is tossed 3 times what are the odds against at least one head?

If you flip a coin three times the chance of getting at least one head is 87.5%.

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