Which lottery has best odds NZ?

Which Lotto game has the best odds NZ?

The absolute best any-prize odds of any of our lotteries is the French lotto, with any-prize odds of 6:1. In second place we have Austrian Lotto, another popular choice due to its low price, good any-prize and jackpot odds (the same as the Irish Lotto was before the 2015 changes), and added bonus game.

What lottery ticket gives you the best odds?

Which Lottery Games Have the Best Odds in Texas?

Game Overall Odds of Winning
Cash 5 1 in 7.2
Lotto Texas 1 in 7.9
Mega Millions 1 in 24
Powerball 1 in 25

Which Lotto is easiest to win?

The easiest lotto to win by prize is the France Lotto (or Loto as it’s known) which gives you a one in six chance of winning a prize.

The Easiest Lottery By Prize.

Odds of Winning Any Prize
Spanish Lotto 1 in 10
UK Lotto 1 in 9.3
Austrian Lotto 1 in 12
EuroMillions 1 in 13

What are the luckiest Lotto numbers in NZ?

Lotto maintains a record of how many times each number is drawn, which it helpfully publishes on its website. The number that has been drawn the most since 1987 is 1, followed by 7, 22, 19, 13 and 18. The number that has been drawn least is 28, followed by 29, 34, 4, 3 and 11.

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What are the chances of winning Instant Kiwi?

The chance of winning a prize with an Instant Kiwi ticket is around one in five, depending on the game. Prizes range from $2 to $250,000.

Is winning the lottery impossible?

The odds are never in your favor

The odds of winning the lottery are pretty low. Going for a billion-dollar Mega Millions jackpot? There’s a one in 300 million chance that you’d win. Even a paltry $600 million or so jackpot has a one in 292 million chance of winning.

How can I better my chances of winning the lottery?

5 Ways to Maximize Your Chances of Winning the Lottery

  1. Choose Lotteries with Better Odds. Not all lotteries are born equal, meaning some are easier to strike it rich in than others. …
  2. Join a Syndicate. …
  3. Play System Bets. …
  4. Some Numbers Are Luckier than Others. …
  5. Play More Often.

Which is the best Lotto to play?

And for jackpots that have gone beyond the incredible sum of £1 billion the US Powerball lottery has slightly better odds of winning than Mega Millions.

Which Lottery Has the Best Jackpot Odds?

Probability of winning the lottery
Powerball (US) 1 : 292,201,338
Mega Millions (US) 1 : 302,573,350

Which is best lottery ticket to buy?

Learn which lottery has the best odds

Odds of Winning Any Prize
Austrian Lotto 1 in 12
EuroMillions 1 in 13
MegaMillions 1 in 24
PowerBall 1 in 24.8