Who is the owner of BET 365?

How much does the Bet365 owner earn?

The boss of the gambling firm Bet365 has been awarded one of the biggest pay packets in UK corporate history. The highest paid director of Bet365 Group – believed to be founder and majority shareholder Denise Coates CBE – earned a salary of £421m in the year ending 29 March.

How much money does Bet365 make a year?

Bet365 reported an eight per cent fall in revenue to US$3.7 billion (£2.8 billion) for the year ending 29 March 2020, which would be due to the cancellation of sporting events during the coronavirus pandemic, on top of the lack of a major football tournament during the period.

Who is the highest paid person in the UK?

Our new report shows that the median FTSE 100 CEO was paid £2.69 million in 2020, 86 times the median full-time worker in the UK.

The ten highest paid FTSE 100 CEOs in FYE 2020.

Chief executive (2020) Company 2020 pay (£m)
Pascal Soriot AstraZeneca 15.45
Brian Cassin Experian 10.30

Is bet365 good or bad?

Please do not use bet365 as there are much better apps and websites as bet365 is a scam and they keep your money which you try to deposit for months literally and then keep saying we are trying to track it everyday with no real help.

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How much do bet365 pay out?

The boss of gambling website Bet365, Denise Coates, was paid nearly half a billion pounds in salary and dividends last year, as the latest in a string of record-breaking awards took her total pay since 2016 to nearly £1.3bn.

What’s the biggest payout on bet365?

The Topline: Online gambling firm Bet365 boss Denise Coates is the highest paid chief executive of a British company after being paid nearly $424 million last year. Bet365 corporate filings show that Coates was paid a $363 million salary, plus dividends, in 2018.

What is Apple CEO salary?

So, it’s quite obvious that the CEO of a company whose brand is a household name would rake in the big bucks. As per Bloomberg’s Annual Pay Index, CEO Tim Cook raked in a cool $265 million compensation package in 2020, almost double from 2019 when he pocketed $133.7 million.

What is Microsoft CEO salary?

Report card: Microsoft’s board boosts CEO Satya Nadella’s annual compensation to nearly $50M. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s total compensation rose more than 12% to $49.9 million in fiscal year 2021, ended June 30, the company’s new proxy statement shows. Nadella’s base salary remained the same, at $2.5 million.