Who sampled Im God clams casino?

Who did clams casino sample?

Clams Casino’s ‘Numb’ sample of Imogen Heap’s ‘Just for Now’ | WhoSampled.

What genre is clams casino?

Who sampled just for now?

The song was also sampled in Clams Casino’s composition I’m God, featured on both Instrumentals and Lil B’s 6 Kiss, and was covered by Pentatonix on their 2015 deluxe edition of their Christmas album That’s Christmas to Me.

Just for Now.

“Just for Now”
Song by Imogen Heap
Recorded 2004
Genre Electronica Christmas
Length 3:00

What Daw does clams casino use?

Ableton Live 11

In this Instagram, Clams Casino’s MacBook can be seen running Ableton.

Where did Clams Casino get his name?

Paran Stevens and maître d’hôtel Julius Keller. She named the dish after the hotel, and word and popularity of the dish has since spread across the United States, including New Orleans, where oysters are substituted for clams.

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