Why did Jack Sparrow want the Black Pearl?

Is the silent Mary faster than the Black Pearl?

She is noted in At World’s End as being “The only ship that can outrun the Flying Dutchman.” However, during this frenzied escape, 3 ships actually catch up to the Black Pearl. You can argue that the Silent Mary is a ghost ship, magical, and able to outrun the Black Pearl.

Who is the strongest pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean?

AVOID. One of the most feared pirate captains both IRL and in the films, Blackbeard aka Captain Edward Teach turned his brute strength, supernatural sword and army of henchman against Jack Sparrow and The Black Pearl in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Is Black Pearl ship real?

The ship, which portrayed the HMS Interceptor, aboard which Sparrow chased his purloined ship, the Black Pearl, in the first “Pirates” movie, is in real life the Lady Washington, a historical replica tall ship that was launched in Aberdeen, Washington in 1989.

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