Why is dice the plural of die?

Is it 2 dice or 2 die?

When to Use Dice

Dice is a plural noun. It refers to more than one small cube with a number on each side used for gambling. Many games use dice: Yahtzee uses five dice, while Monopoly uses two. Dice is the plural form of die: some games use two dice, but Clue only uses one die.

Is die really the singular of dice?

Dice is a plural noun. Die acts as the singular form of the noun.

Is die used for plural?

It’s a good idea to learn the plural endings of nouns at the same time you learn the singular form, as there are lots of exceptions to the rule.


Ending Noun Plural
add -en die Frau – woman die Frauen – women
add -s das Auto – car die Autos – cars

Are dice countable?

[countable] (also die) a small block of wood, plastic etc that has six sides with a different number of spots on each side, used in gamesthrow/roll the dice It’s your turn to roll the dice.

What is salmon plural?

noun. salm·​on | ˈsa-mən plural salmon also salmons.

Do you say 1 die or 1 dice?

According to this source, dice was once the plural of die, “but in modern standard English dice is both the singular and the plural: ‘throw the dice’ could mean a reference to either one or more than one dice.” Interestingly, this evolution did not extend to the cutting device known as a die.

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When did the dice become singular?

However, the OED also has citations dating from the late 1300s for a Middle English version of “dice” used in the singular. The first example, from a 1388 act of Parliament, uses the plural “dyces,” suggesting the existence of a singular “dyce.”

Is dice singular in British English?

In old-fashioned English, ‘dice’ was used only as a plural form, and the singular was die, but now ‘dice’ is used as both the singular and the plural form.

Why is girl neutral in German?

The main and most important reason is that Mädchen ends in ‘chen’ and nouns which are diminutives and end in ‘chen’ are always neuter. … Even young unmarried women were unimportant, hence they were addressed as ‘Fräulein’ (Words ending in the diminutive ‘lein’ are also always neuter).

Is Der plural German?

As you already know, we have three main articles in German: der (masculine), die (feminine) and das (neuter). If we use a noun in the plural form, we always use the same article: die.

German Plural Article – Exercise A.

Einzahl / Singular Mehrzahl / Plural
Das Mädchen schreibt. Die Mädchen schreiben.