You asked: Are masks required at Spirit Mountain Casino?

Can you smoke at Spirit Mountain Casino?

Is smoking allowed in the casino? Smoking is allowed in designated areas. All restaurant venues are non-smoking.

Is Spirit Mountain Buffet closing?

Spirit Mountain Casino, Inc. has made the decision to convert the Cedar Plank Buffet into a new multi-outlet food service area. We are currently in the final stages of concept planning and will soon release the details of our exciting new food options for the former buffet space. …

Can minors eat at Spirit Mountain Casino?

Youths will not be allowed to dine at casino restaurants, but guests 21 or older can pick up to-go orders and take them to minors staying in the lodge.

Can kids stay at Spirit Mountain Casino?

Kids can let loose at Spirit Mountain Casino, too! We have the latest arcade games, everything from air hockey and car racing, to keep your little ones occupied…the only thing you need to worry about is convincing them it’s time to leave!

Is the Chinook winds buffet open?

The Siletz Bay Buffet will be open, for now, Thursday through Sunday, 2pm – 10pm. Including the return of Friday Seafood Dinner (Pictured in this post), and Saturday Steak Dinner!

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Does Spirit Mountain Lodge have room service?

Spirit Mountain Lodge. … Choose from a variety of accommodations ranging from our spacious premium suites to our standard rooms to fit any budget. Hospitality is our passion, and our amenities include 24-hour service staff ready to attend your every need from bellhops to fast wi-fi.

Does Spirit Mountain Casino have a pool?

4 answers. No, there is no pool at Spirit Mtn. There is a small workout room, and an arcade for children, but no pool.

Is Spirit Mountain casino on tribal land?

Spirit Mountain Casino is a Native American casino located in Grand Ronde, Oregon, United States on Oregon Route 18.

Spirit Mountain Casino (Oregon)

Spirit Mountain Casino
Casino type Land-based
Owner Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde