What do you wear to the Hard Rock Casino?

Is there a dress code for Hard Rock Cafe London?

No.. no dress code…you can ware summer dress.

Can you wear jeans to a casino?

You can wear jeans (even blue jeans) as long as your outfit still looks trendy and upscale. You probably can’t wear jeans with sneakers and a t-shirt, for example. Most of the outfits I talked about here are smart casual.

Is the Hard Rock Cafe expensive?

Re: hard rock cafe prices? You always pay a premium at a theme restaurant like this. Haven’t been there in a while, and without prices on their menu, I’d ballpark a burger at $14-$16 or so, so figure around $20 with a soft drink. You could get the same for $10-$15 at most any chain restaurant around town.

Can you take kids to Hard Rock Cafe?

the Hard Rock Cafe is a family-friendly restaurant. there is awesome food and drinks for the parents AND an awesome NEW Hard Rock Roxtars Kids Menu with selections that are kid approved. … this is a great option for families who love to dine out, but want the kids to have more wholesome choices.

Can you request songs at Hard Rock Cafe?

Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City – Did you know that you can request songs at any Hard Rock Cafe? Just ask!

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Can you wear shorts to a casino?

Shorts are out. Jeans, slacks, blouses, skirts, dresses, button down shirts, jackets and of course suits are all satisfactory. Don’t even think about wearing flip flops. Needless to say, these are just guidelines as most casinos do not have a dress code.