Your question: What does you hit the jackpot mean?

What is jackpot slang for?

Criminal slang usage as “trouble, especially an arrest” attested 1902.

What does it mean to jackpot someone?

If you get a high-paying job, you hit the jackpot. If you married a wonderful person, you hit the jackpot. Sometimes a jackpot is specific to a game, like the money won from a hand of 21, but any good fortune can be considered a jackpot.

What is the origin of hit the jackpot?

Originally, in the late 19th century, jackpot was a term used in a form of poker, where the pot or pool accumulated until a player could open the betting with a pair of jacks or higher cards. It is now used of any large money prize that accumulates until it is won.

How do you use the word jackpot?

(1) I hit the jackpot. (2) The National Theatre hit the jackpot with its first musical, “Guys and Dolls”. (3) He won the jackpot on the football pools. (4) They scooped the jackpot in yesterday’s lottery.

Do it in a jiffy?

If you say that you will do something in a jiffy, you mean that you will do it very quickly or very soon.

What is giving up the ghost?

phrase [VERB inflects] If someone gives up the ghost, they stop trying to do something because they no longer believe they can do it successfully. If a machine gives up the ghost, it stops working. [informal] Some firms give up the ghost before they find what they are looking for.

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What is a Jagweed?

Noun. jagweed (plural jagweeds) (slang, derogatory) A rude or obnoxious person; a jerk.

What is a rodeo jackpot?

Jackpot — An event for which no purse is put up by the rodeo. Winners split all or part of the entry fees.

What is tall order?

informal. : something that is very difficult to do Getting the project done on schedule is going to be a tall order.